Meeting any urgent and unplanned expense is no big deal, if you have a reliable source to fund you. Applying for our short term loans is an easy way to tackle your financial crisis. At Cazings, we help you avoid financial disaster by providing quick support. We also give you time to repay the loan.

The purpose of designing short term loans South Africa is only to help those who are suffering from unexpected financial crises. arranged an online loan application facility that enables people to apply for a loan within a few seconds and even without going anywhere.

Who is a short term loan suitable for?

Short term loans might be suitable for those people who earn regular monthly income but cannot handle short- term cash issues. These expenses can be of any kind like a car breakdown, emergencies, temporary cash flow problems, and home appliances breaking down due to which they need to be replaced. These expenses are not suitable for long term financial problems.


  • Smaller Loan Amounts for Every Need: Sometimes you only need to borrow a small amount of cash to resolve your short term financial need. You can borrow between R50 and R800 as a new customer.
  • Quick Access to Emergency Funds: Short term loans can be perfect when you have no available options to resolve a financial emergency. If you have a shortage of savings do not have enough funds, and don’t want any help from friends and family. Then short term loans South Africa can be a good option for you to get back on track.
  • Tailored Solutions for Unique Situations: Every individual has different financial circumstances, and short term loans accept this diversity. By offering tailored solutions for specific needs, short term loans fulfill the financial requirements of borrowers. Whether it’s addressing a sudden medical expense, home repair expenses, managing unexpected travel costs, etc.
  • No collateral required: Short term loan are also known as unsecured loans and in most cases, you don’t have to put down required collateral like your house, cars, and other assets.
  • Fixed monthly repayments: You don’t have to repay your short term loan at once. You can repay your loan amount in fixed monthly instalments which will make it easy for you to repay your loan on time and get debt-free.
  • Enhancing Credit Management: Short term loan also contribute to individual credit management strategies. Short-term loans allow you to improve your credit skills, unlike long-term loans that need commitment. Making payments on time not only helps you meet your financial obligations but also improves your credit history.


  • Higher interest rates: These types of loans contain higher interest rates than other personal or traditional bank loans. This means these loans end up with large amount of payments along with higher loan sum amounts.
  • Short term solution: If people can solve long term financial privation, short term loan online cannot be the right option. Because it increases your debts and makes it harder to recover from.

What information can be required for applying for short term loans in South Africa?

Before applying for short term loan in South Africa there are some conditions which have to be followed: your age should be at least 18 years, earn a stable monthly income, resident of South Africa, and have an active bank account. These conditions can ensure that you are on the right path.

Is a short term loan in South Africa good for me?

Yes, short term loans in South Africa can be a good option for you because these loans provide immediate access to funds. This can help you to manage unexpected financial expenses. But short term loans usually charge high-interest rates and fees, that’s why loan terms and your repayment ability are carefully considered while applying.

Can I get short term loans with bad credit?

It is possible to get short term loans with bad credit even if you have a bad credit score, Cazings provides these loans to people who suffer from poor credit scores. This kind of loan is also known as bad credit loans and no credit check loans. However, the interest rates and fees will be higher compared to loans for individuals with good credit.

What can I use short term loans online for?

Short term loans online can be used for many purposes which can help you in financial related situations. There are a few reasons for which it can be used like; unexpected medical expenses, car repairs, urgent home repairs, utility bills, and home repairs to solve your all problems within a quick period.

What happens if repayment of a short term loan is not done on time?

If you feel difficulties in repaying the loan amount on time, then communicate with your lender and take some time for extensions or alternative repayment plans. While late payments charge additional fees and affect your credit.

Can I get a short term loan if I have a poor credit history?

In South Africa, people can get short term loans online with poor credit histories because some lenders specialize in providing these loans.

FAQ’s for short term loans South Africa

What maximum amount of loan can I get from Cazings?

The loan amount depends on your people’s financial conditions. Cazings offers various types of loan options to cater to different nееds.